When we’re hungry

I have mentioned before, that God is teaching me how to fast in very pragmatic  ways.  (See things to do while we wait.)  On a practical level, I have noticed that the hunger is overwhelming at mealtimes, and it is then that I am most likely to break my fast.  However, if I can stick it out for a … Read more about When we’re hungry

12 Life Saving Steps

Dallas Refers to the twelve step program as a life saving program.  I couldn’t agree more.  I thought it would be appropriate to review them as part of my last several blogs.  (Types of addictions and A very personal story).  I have linked some of my own blog posts to some of the steps as an … Read more about 12 Life Saving Steps

A faith dare

I confess that I have read aloud the entire Harry Potter series to my children two times, and I have cried and cheered for this little orphan boy with knobby knees both times.  I love that kid! In the first book, Harry finds the mirror of Erised, which shows him the deepest desires of his heart, … Read more about A faith dare