A very personal story

As I have been writing these blogs so far, I have tried not to share too much personal information.  I did not want it to be about me, but to direct anyone who reads this to the Lord Jesus Christ.  However, I feel I am being compelled by the Lord to share a very personal story so that others might … Read more about A very personal story

We are not obligated

Besides my old stronghold of anger (see "a very personal story", I used to live with other habits that were sin.  I simply did not realize that I could be completely free.  But as I have developed the habit of sitting before he Lord every single day, he has finally conquered all of these old … Read more about We are not obligated

Rescuing Captives

Have you ever tried to teach your child something and then had them speak into your life instead?  This keeps happening to me lately as my kids are growing up, and I’m pretty sure they’re both smarter than me! I was having another spiritual discussion with my 13 year old son who is maturing in his … Read more about Rescuing Captives

Taming the Cobra

Like many trauma survivors, I used to suffer from a myriad of emotions such as anger, anxiety, and depression.  I was in pain all of the time.  What motivated me to change; however, was not the emotional pain, but rather the destructive results to my character.  I did not like myself, or rather the … Read more about Taming the Cobra

A guide to repentance

My brother is a Catholic priest at Mt. Angel Monastery.   I had the privilege of sharing a meal with him this weekend and talking about many spiritual things.  I always enjoy my conversations with him and glean so much wisdom. Part of his job as a priest is to hear people’s confessions.  Sometimes … Read more about A guide to repentance

12 Life Saving Steps

Dallas Refers to the twelve step program as a life saving program.  I couldn’t agree more.  I thought it would be appropriate to review them as part of my last several blogs.  (Types of addictions and A very personal story).  I have linked some of my own blog posts to some of the steps as an … Read more about 12 Life Saving Steps